Grocery shopping promotions!

Hi ladies,

Just a quick comment for all of you whom are new to Hong Kong or Discovery Bay! Here on DB we have 2 grocery stores.

Each store “Wellcome” and “Fusion” offer it’s own “money back” type programs. The Wellcome allows one to “tap” their

Octopus card on the reader after you pay for your groceries. This is a “money back” program, where you earn a percentage

back in cash on your Octopus card which may be used to buy Groceries or whatever at Wellcome. You must sign up on-line

and wait one week. Then take your card to the Wellcome and activate it at the Kiosk. In DB it’s near the bakery. You must tap your card twice and then it’s activated. If you need help ask the manager. Now you can enjoy cash back with your Octopus. Just to clarify, you don’t need to pay with your Octopus, just tap it after you pay!

The second is Fusion. You must ask for an application at the check out stand. It’s very basic info. Fill it out and then

receive a card. You hand it to the cashier each time you check out. You earn either money back, or you can buy

stoneware, le cruset, small appliances etc. or you can receive a cash voucher. There is also a Kiosk at the rear entrance

of the store where you can check your available points to buy things and  or available cash back. You must then print

a voucher and take it with you to the check stand when you check out to claim your merchandise or money!

Happy Shopping Girls!!!!!




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